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Here at West Palm Beach Computer Repair, our services are affordable and reliable.

Computer Repair and Web Design Services in West Palm Beach, FL


We specialize in the following services

Online Computer Repair

We are available day and night to help you with computer issues. We are local in West Palm Beach, FL and you will always deal with a friendly and reliable computer repair tech.


Mobile Computer Repair

Most computer issues can be repaired with our online computer repair services but in the case of hardware failure, this is not an option.  Call us today at (561) 299-0736 to set up a mobile computer repair appointment and we will come to you to fix problems with your computer.


Web Design

We have been designing local and national websites for years. We design sites on WordPress and use all of the latest techniques to produce great sites. Call us today.


Local Search Engine Optimization

We offer local search engine optimization to help you rank for local keywords on Google, Bing and Yahoo. This is the major way that people can discover your services or business in 2020.