Computer Repair

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Residential & Commercial Computer Repair Services On Site

Affordable Computer Repair Services in West Palm Beach FL

We have been in business since 2012 and specialize in Residential & Commercial Computer Repair Services, on location in Palm Beach County. Most computer shops have high overhead and those expenses get passed to the customer. With a regular computer shop, you normally have to wait in line as well. With our computer repair services, you call to discuss your issue then schedule an appointment. Most computer issues can be resolved on the spot, saving you time, money and frustration. We will do our best to fix your computer right then, however, occasionally some issues may require more time or advanced diagnostics. In the event that we are unable to fix your computer on the spot, we will take your system back to our shop to perform the repair and give you a time that your system can be picked up in west palm beach.  If you are having computer problems give us a call today for a free estimate at (561) 299-0736 .Will schedule an appointment to come to your location and fix the problems your experiencing. Contact us Today for a FREE estimate.

Laptop Screen Replacement

Since our service is on site, we have a few limitations.

We do not offer screen replacements as an onsite service. The reason for this is the inventory requirements. Many laptops have a specific LCD that must be ordered and for this reason we simply cannot offer this service on site. We are able to order and install your laptop screen but we will need to obtain your laptops model number so that we can order the correct screen. We will need to collect payment for the screen itself and once we have your screen we can perform the installation. The fee for installation is $120. the total cost is the installation fee plus the cost of the screen. Screens range from $45 to $300 and this depends on your model number. If your laptop is touch screen, you will normally have a more expensive display.

Most computer issues can be resolved by our on-site service. if you are having issues with malware or viruses, strange popups or error messages, we can handle that. If your computer wont start, it could be a power supply issue or it could be software related. Its important to talk about specific symptoms when making an appointment so that we are prepared with any hardware that may be needed. Give us a call today and lets get this headache behind you!

We can handle blue screens, hard drive crashes, viruses just about any computer related issues. Some problems are complex and take a long time to fix. in this situation we will have to take the computer back to our lab so that we are not on site for many hours. We should e able to have the machine back to you the next day.